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Calm Sea

Add Strength to Your Team Through Our Wide Array of Services

Team Identity and Connection Building at All Organizational Levels

- Focused team-building

- Values, mission, and vision exploration

- Team personality exploration

- Culture manual creation

Change Management for Organization-Wide Change Initiatives

- Change management workshops

- Wide scale, facilitated change implementation across the organization, team by team

- Project objective and action point tracking and reminders

Skills Coaching for

Individuals and Teams

- Communication and conflict resolution

- Leadership training

- Professionalism

- Resilience-building

- Burnout and compassion fatigue recovery

- Change management

- Team engagement and culture development

Collaboration Building Through Facilitated Discussions 

- 1:1 conflict mediation

- Team to team collaboration building

- Organization to organization partnership optimization

Business Tool Development and Process Optimization Support

- Database development

- Project tracker development

- Process mapping

- Facilitated process optimization

Team Crisis Stabilization Coaching

- Event debriefing

- 1:1 coaching

- Ongoing support groups

Strategic Planning and Implementation

- Stakeholder surveying

- Advanced team challenges identification and organization

- Strategic plan development or restructure

- Action planning and implementation support


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