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The Resilience Recovery Program

Reduce Attrition
While Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Glasses of Water

It's Time for recovery

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought unforeseen challenges into the lives of everyone around the globe. For those working in a variety of industries including healthcare, essential services, and education, the toll was extremely heavy. For those who were isolated at home, unable to work as the virus ranged on, the impact was no less significant.

As we all find a new normal, let us invest in restoring the resilience of your team.


We have packages ranging from 1-hour seminars to year-long employee retention projects. We can provide staff meetings, customized retreats, and a curriculum tailored to the needs of your team and the way COVID-19 impacted you. We focus on who your team was before the pandemic, how the crisis has impacted your group reality, and what you want the new normal to be.

We utilize empirically-validated measures and internal data on attrition rates and employee satisfaction scores to evaluate the success of all the programs we offer. You will receive regular reports on the progress of your team, delivered via real numbers you can trust.

Woman by the Water


"This class was helpful in understanding my own stressors and how to be more accepting of how they can affect so many different areas of life, including the workplace. Also helpful in seeing what "cups" all of my energy is going into (and discussing this with co-workers) - how to distribute that energy fairly and realistically. Very nice to be able to discuss with other nurses in our community the current frustrations during this time of COVID. Refreshing to share feelings and be understood."

Alaskan RN Participant in the Compassion Fatigue for Alaskan Nurses Webinar Series

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. I know giving presentations about such topics – and also giving personal context and examples conversationally – can be an emotional ask, and it really changed my whole day and outlook on a few issues of coping I have been dealing with personally."

Faith, Alaskan RN

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