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Annie Thomas-Landrum

Thank you so much for visiting the site!


My name is Annie Thomas-Landrum and I am the owner of Managing Me Enterprises, (a job I made-up so I could do all the things I love most: helping companies to build teams and work environments that people love, in part by planning parties, er, “retreats”).

I have an MSN in Nursing Leadership and Administration and am just under half-way finished with a PhD in Psychology, which I dream will one day be finished as well.


I became a third-generation nurse in 2004 and have gotten to work in all kinds of settings including neuro-surgical ICU, labor and delivery, home health and hospice, international travel health, healthcare marketing, inpatient mental healthcare, nursing education, and large-scale contact tracing.

My programs have grown out of my own journey of burnout and compassion fatigue, and I am so excited to be able to share my story and create space for other people to share their story as well!


Much like my career, my family has been shaped by love rooted in a radical embrace of who everyone in the family truly is. My husband Cris and I have been married for 15 years and have two amazing girls together, Abbie and Emma. After discovering we have different sexual orientations several years into our marriage, Cris and I transitioned our marriage to a companionship marriage as we sought to love each other for exactly who we  both are.  In the summer of 2022, I married my second husband Scott Landrum, with whom I share a beautiful romantic, monogamous marriage. Together, we all live together in our home in Talkeetna, Alaska with way too many animals I have collected from all over including two dogs, a cat and a bunny to date. My daughter Emma is planning on mounting an exciting campaign to have our cat elected as the next Cat Mayor of Talkeetna, so stay tuned for updates!


Who We Are as a Company



To foster resilience, first in ourselves and then in others be they individuals, organizations or communities. We pursue this goal through dynamic connectedness, compassionate communication, and a stubbornly determined evolution that allows who we are to create what will be.



To promote resilience and healthy, connected cultures in an ever-growing number of people and spaces.


7 Core Values

1. Resilience 

2. Relationality 

3. Balance

4. Authenticity 

5. Stubborn Determination 

6.  Better Failure 

7.  Acceptance 

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